Super Bowl XLVIII Drinking Game

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delayofgame_rssDelay of Game Super Bowl XLVIII Drinking Game


Each person must pick a winner of the game and take a drink each time there are points scored against your pick. (This includes Touchdowns, Field Goals, Safeties)

Each person must pick heads or tails during the coin toss and take a drink if their pick loses

Each person must pick a color. For the first car commercial following the kickoff, if you picked the right color of the car, you do not have to drink.  Drink if your color is not shown.

Knowshon Moreno is shown crying during the National Anthem

Take a drink for each of the following:

  • Turnover

  • If the word “Omaha” is said twice in a row.

  • If you incorrectly predict the outcome of a challenged or reviewed play.

  • A 12th man sign is shown

  • If someone is really bleak with the weather forecast. “We don’t know WHAT the weather is going to do…”

  • Any big Special Teams play Blocked Kick/Punt/Onside Kick/Faked Punt/Faked Field Goal

  • Richard Sherman’s post game interview with Erin Andrews is shown (not just mentioned)

  • A Manning is shown that is not Peyton

  • Peyton Manning is mentioned along with the word “Legacy.”

  • Marshawn Lynch is shown eating a bag of Skittles.

Halftime: Flea has a wardrobe malfunction

Finish your drink:

  • The game is called on account of snow

  • The power goes out at Metlife Stadium


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