Quick Hit: Can We Please Just Call the Kid “Kenny Hill?”

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One might have perused Twitter last night, taken a look at the scoring line for the Texas A&M game and thought that Kevin Sumlin’s squad had to have been playing against either Rice, Lamar, SMU or, dare I say, Arkansas. But it seems to me that most people around the media and internet (myself included) figured that with the loss of Johnny Manziel and stud wide receiver Mike Evans on offense, as well as the defensive woes that plagued the team during the 2013 season, that South Carolina, at home, would more than take care of Texas A&M. Las Vegas certainly thought so.

That was not the case. It damn sure was not the case. On the first live football broadcast from the highly promoted, but not widely accessible SEC Network, Texas A&M took a South Carolina team with high expectations for the season and embarrassed them. Questions now abound as what this will mean for either team moving forward. My main question however, is what the Cleveland Browns think of Johnny Manziel this morning. I would imagine a bit of the luster has dulled. Maybe, for Brian Hoyer’s sake, this will dampen the clamor for Manziel following Mr. Hoyer’s first incompletion.

Kevin Sumlin is the big star coming out of last night. Perhaps the dreaded “system quarterback” label is that much closer to being placed on Manziel. But enough about that clown…

Kenny Hill. Not “Kenny Football,” “K-Kwick,” “Kenny Touchdown,” or any other horribly concocted nickname for a kid who, after 1 game, played BETTER than his predecessor. In fact, he broke all of his records! So why, oh why, are we going to attach a nickname to this young man that harkens back to someone who is now an underperforming professional player? Everything else about Texas A&M reflects that they are looking to the future of the sport, mainly, the way that they play football. It is admittedly early in both players’ respective careers, but if Kenny Hill and his teammates can elongate their success last night through the whole season…

As a Razorback fan, I am terrified.

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