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1:13 Fedvul After Dark

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Jacob, Ty, Max, and Ricky are back to get you stuffed full of football talk. The season is finally over Friday and we can move on to new fun things like coaching searches... READ MORE

1:11 Woefully Rickless

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Jacob, Ty, and Max are Rickless once again, and they have a lot of stuff to talk about. Most of it is a bummer which means they’re probably talking about the upcoming game... READ MORE

1:10 Spooky Season

Jac O’ Blantern, Die Splatson, Ax Boover, and Sticky Candy Carn talk Arkansas’ loss to Alabama and Arkansas’ eventual loss to Mississippi State this weekend. Plus: – Alabama Post Game Presser – A visitor... READ MORE

1:8 Bane Mane

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss Arkansas vs. Auburn. Plus: – 50 Ways to Get Your Gus Back – In Home Recruiting Visit Posted 10.17.19 READ MORE

1:7 Toasted Cheddar

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss Arkansas vs. Kentucky. Plus: – Pigville Radio – Club Dub: We Hardly Knew Ye – The Hog Podge with Mo Battingly Posted 10.10.19 READ MORE

279 Two Soda Refills

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Jacob, Ty and Max gear up for the start of SEC basketball by assigning each other their favorite Arkansas basketball players. Other topics covered include: — NBA halftime shows — Choose your own adventure — Times Square on New Year’s … Continued

278 The Traditional Man: A Delay of Game Christmas Music Draft

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Who is the best Christmas DJ? Listen for the draft, see below for the results, vote on Twitter for a winner! Check out the Spotify playlists below, and vote at DJ Jacob: DJ Ty: DJ Max: … Continued

277 Christmas Reunion

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Big cows, Arbynators, and Jeff Long eating ketchup with a fork. Our Christmas feast is bountiful. Grab a plate! (Released 12.19.18)

276 Meggings

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It’s beginning to look like Christmas in Delay of Game Studios, so Ty and Ricky don their best apparel for the season in a rare 2 host treat! Topics Include – The highs and lows of basketball season – Walmart’s … Continued

275 Feed 2 Birds With 1 Scone

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Ty, Max, and Ricky are live on the scene covering the Kelly Bryant decision! Where will he spend his final year of eligibility? Don’t read the news, tune in to find out what happens LIVE! Plus – Happy Birthday Chad … Continued

274 Takes Like Cakes

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It’s finally over. Ty, Max, and Ricky give some post game analysis on Thanksgiving and the final football game of the season. Also – A season to remember, that we all predicted – We take another action-packed ride on the … Continued

273 Fall Harvest (Missouri Preview)

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Prepare for the Fall Harvest as Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky celebrate the football season’s merciful end. Additional topics covered include: — Thanksgiving (der) — Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows — Scent of a Woman — Sister Schubert Plus Dorial Green Beckham … Continued

272 Hawght Cakes (Mississippi State Recap)

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Whatever. I don’t care anymore. (Released 11.18.18)

271 Hawght Cakes For the Week

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Sure it’s a 15 minute show, but it’s the only one your getting this week (because real life, enough already). Anywho, it’s Jacob and Max and they had to talk about LSU, Mississippi State, Petrino, and b-b-b-b-b-bas-ket-ball. Do they fit … Continued

270 Election Day (LSU Preview)

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Jacob’s out of town, so that means Ty, Max, and Ricky talk about politics for a whole hour! …Just kidding that’s not what we did. In this Episode Max gives us a preview of the upcoming basketball season Arkansas schedules … Continued