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1:13 Fedvul After Dark

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Jacob, Ty, Max, and Ricky are back to get you stuffed full of football talk. The season is finally over Friday and we can move on to new fun things like coaching searches... READ MORE

1:11 Woefully Rickless

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Jacob, Ty, and Max are Rickless once again, and they have a lot of stuff to talk about. Most of it is a bummer which means they’re probably talking about the upcoming game... READ MORE

1:10 Spooky Season

Jac O’ Blantern, Die Splatson, Ax Boover, and Sticky Candy Carn talk Arkansas’ loss to Alabama and Arkansas’ eventual loss to Mississippi State this weekend. Plus: – Alabama Post Game Presser – A visitor... READ MORE

1:8 Bane Mane

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss Arkansas vs. Auburn. Plus: – 50 Ways to Get Your Gus Back – In Home Recruiting Visit Posted 10.17.19 READ MORE

1:7 Toasted Cheddar

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss Arkansas vs. Kentucky. Plus: – Pigville Radio – Club Dub: We Hardly Knew Ye – The Hog Podge with Mo Battingly Posted 10.10.19 READ MORE


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THERE’S SCUTTLEBUTT AFOOT! Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky meet in emergency session to discuss the latest rumors surrounding Mike Anderson. (Released 3.17.18)

288 Apple Jacks Milk

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Ty and Ricky get to talk about some basketball wins! Finally. After 8 years. PLUS – Ricky teaches us how to get rich quick! – All SEC teams featuring a certain razorback big man Also don’t miss Ty and Ricky’s … Continued

287 Nicky Sparkles (March Madness Selection Special)

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Jacob, Ty, Max, and Ricky are here to talk about food. A lot of food. Did you really expect anything less? PLUS – Another QB Transfer! WHO IS QB1? – Arkansas won a basketball game? Finally. After 8 years – … Continued

286 GigaBLAST (Debate Night: Arkansas Basketball)

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Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky…or at least Jacob and three other weirdos, take part in a debate around Arkansas basketball. Plus: — INTERNET SPEEDS! — TECHNICAL ISSUES! AND MUCH MORE! (Released 3.1.19)

285 ODB (Ol’ Dirty Blueberry)

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*WARNING: RECORDED PRIOR TO ARKANSAS’ LOSS TO MIZZOU* Love is in the air as Jacob, Ty and Max talk Arkansas’ basketball woes. Plus: — The great debate of our time if finally settled — John Mulaney — Arkansas’ signing day … Continued

284 Year of the Pig

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Ty, Max, and Ricky break down the latest in Razorback basketball including some wins? It must be not-January! Plus – Super Bowl and Prop Bet Results! – The other football! – Our new weekly segment of old NBA news to … Continued

283 In Brazil Water Drink You

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Jacob, Ty, Max, and Ricky are here to get you through basketball season and we have a win to talk about! Also a loss! Oh well (Year 8). ALSO – Hard Hitting NBA Analysis – The End of a Sports … Continued

282 John Stossel is here?!

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Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky talk about the most recent Razorback loss and the potential losses to come. Other topics covered include: — Some (sad) fast food news! — Max and the New York Knicks — The Super Bowl — … Continued

281 Year 8

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Ty, Max and Ricky get into the weeds talking about Arkansas’s troubling week of basketball. It’s a young team! Back off! Plus – Arkansas trots another Mustang into the stable. This one throws footballs. – Old Razorback coaches, where are … Continued

280 Pretty Major

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Jacob, Ty and Ricky talk Bama getting their brains beat in, as well as Arkansas’ win on the road in College Station. Additional topics covered include: — Two Razorbacks headed to the NFL — Darren McFadden in the College Football … Continued