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265 Literally Marginal (Tulsa Preview)

Jacob, Ty, and Ricky preview HOMECOMING! As Arkansas takes on the Mighty Golden Hurricane of Tulsa.

– One and done is done?
– It’s been 120 hours since we’ve talked about War Memorial, let’s break that streak!
– Our favorite Rock Band tracks

Also don’t miss our chat with a famous weatherman who tells us all about the fascinating science behind hurricanes.

And so much more! Listen NOW!

(Released 10.18.18)


264 Hawght Cakes (Ole Miss Recap)



(Released 10.13.18)


263 Cracker Pizza Taco

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky talk Arkansas’ trip to Little Rock to face Ole Miss in ARKANSAS’ HOME STADIUM!

Other topics covered include:

— Some red minivan making Jacob’s dog bark

— Handi-Snacks

— Pizza Lunchables, Taco Lunchables, and the cruel reality that you turned down your mother’s leftovers to eat those abominations

— Hudson Henry’s commitment – Jacob says his decision is on Friday even though he meant Thursday. He deeply regrets the error.

Plus: Bad uniform combinations, Dorial Green-Beckham, and a chat with Landshark Tony!

(Released 10.10.18)


262 Hawght Cakes (Alabama Recap)

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss Arkansas’ defeat at the hands of the Crimson Tide, but there was lightning in the area, so it’s just a bunch of wide shots.

(Released 10.7.18)


261 Spreading Misinformation (Alabama Preview)

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky talk the upcoming slaughter at the hands of Alabama.

Additional topics covered include:

— Rap today vs. Rap yesterday

— Trey Knox

— Starrcade 83

— Ok Soda

— Lady Gaga

Plus, a former soda spokesperson visits the show and a cat shuts Ricky up once and for all.

(Released 10.3.18)


260 Hawght Cakes (TAMU Recap)

“There is no such thing as a ‘moral victory’ for this program…


(Released 9.29.18)


259 Puddle of Decadence (TAMU Preview)

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss Arkansas’ game against TAMU this weekend. Does Arkansas have any chance at all? Plus, tune in to hear Jacob unwrap cough drops SEVERAL times during the show!

Additional topics covered include:

— Emergen-C

— Pants Off Dance Off

— Pants Off Dan Skoff

— Decadent ice cream

Jim Johnathan Nance transferring

— How would Arkansas fare in another football conference?

The reviews of the season are in!

“Everything’s fine” says Delay of Game’s Ricky Carney

(Released 9.26.18)


258 Hawght Cakes (Auburn Recap)

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky ah who gives a s***

(Released 9.22.18)


257 Ketchayonaise

If you were driving in the middle of nowhere Missouri on Tuesday and saw a man talking to himself in his car – you might’ve just seen the recording of the BEST RAZORBACK PODCAST IN THE WORLD! Ty, Max, and Ricky call Jacob in the car to discuss what on earth is happening in the world of Arkansas football. (Insert picture of dumpster fire or babies crying here)

But we’re not here to just mope – we preview the upcoming game against Auburn!

– ANOTHER SURPRISE GUEST?!?! iWonder who it could be??
– 15 minutes couldn’t contain all the Hawght Cakes from Saturday
– A preview of 2019’s Football Schedule *Spoiler* It’s not great

And of course another installment of everyone’s favorite weekly game show “We Don’t Know S***”. Will someone break the streak this week? Tune in to find out!

(Released 09.19.18)


256 Hawght Cakes (North Texas Recap)


(Released 9.15.18)