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179 I’ll See Myself Out

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss the SEC tournament as well as the Razorbacks’ outlook heading into Selection Sunday.

Additional material covered includes:

— Blink 182

— Blink 181

— Pop Punk vs. Emo

— Xanga

— Zangief

Also, is Ty Watson a “hater?”

And I hope you don’t have a rimshot allergy, ’cause it’s goofs galore!

(Released 3.8.17)


178 We’ve got a “live” one! (Commentary Special)

Ever wonder how the hosts of your favorite podcast react to a Razorback sporting event in the moment?

No? Not even once?

Well maybe skip this one.

For the rest of you, Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky are watching the second half of the Arkansas v. Florida basketball game from March 1st, 2017 and recording while they do it. Why, if you imagine hard enough, you can almost SEE Arkansas losing!

This week’s tangents include:

— SportsCenter with Jemele Hill and Michael Smith

— The horror of BBQ pizza

— Keith Stone emerges from hibernation to assist the Florida Gators

— Rick Barry and the number of children he has currently

— Bad tattoos

— Loud, forceful swearing

Plus the legend of the mighty Testicles!

(Released 3.2.17)


177 Botatoes

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky are talking Razorback basketball with cautious optimism. Some of them are more cautious than others.

Other topics covered include:

— Dana Altman

— Homecoming

— Thursday night games

— A possible transfer from the defending National Champs?

Plus, and stop me if you heard this, the guys talk about War Memorial Stadium.

(Released 2.22.17)


176 Murderin’ Socks (Mailbag Special)

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky (briefly) talk Hog basketball, then dive head first into your emails!

This brings up several interesting topics, including:

— What Ricky’s McDonald’s order looks like

— What does a fax machine sound like? I’ve legit forgotten.

— Schools we would attend were we being recruited

— What Star Wars characters would the guys put on a basketball team?

— What would you rather fight: A Bret Bielema sized razorback or 100 razorback sized Bret Bielemas?

Plus, the guys debut a brand new segment:
The Delay of Game History Minute!
Tonight’s topic: John Wilkes Booth

(Released 2.15.17)


175 The Bleeding Edge of Cool (Super Bowl Prop Bets Results)

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky talk Arkansas’ godawful loss in Columbia. Plus, the results of last week’s Super Bowl LI Prop Bet Challenge.

Additional topics include, but are not limited to:

— Father John Misty

— Max thinks that a Missouri football player should be (redacted)

— The ramifications of the loss at Missouri

— Arkansas vs. Arkansas State (You read that right. There’s a chance that it happens.)

— Segrest Out

— The Bielechild has a gender. Long live Shelema!

— Little Giants is mentioned.

All this, plus we again don’t do emails! But we will next week. Scout’s honor.

(Released 2.8.17)


174 The Edge of Glory (Super Bowl LI Prop Bets)

Jacob, Ty and Ricky discuss Arkansas’ total destruction at the hands of Oklahoma State. With that unpleasantness out of the way, the guys can move on to much more important topics…such as:

— The origin of the word “earmark”

— Popular pizza restaurants


— Glenn Frey: A Career Retrospective

— The New England “Cheatriots”


Also, Jacob plays entirely too much music from his phone. Seriously, it’s like your uncle showing you “his new ringtones he downloaded.”

(Released 2.1.17)


173 Nasty Streak

Jacob, Ty, and Max discuss Arkansas’ thrilling victory over Vanderbilt in Nashville. They also find time to discuss:

— Ice Water in Veins

— The origin of the RPI family’s immigration from Italy

— “The Treasurer” James Rogers and his dumb thing he did

— Bret Bielema blocking former Razorbacks on Twitter

— Haircuts

— San Jose St.

— Vince Gill

Amy Grant says I’m a better lover.

(Released 1.25.17)


172 We Get In Where We Fit In

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky begrudgingly talk some Razorback basketball, while also discussing the following:

— Chip Kelly is NOT going to be Arkansas’ football coach

— Having a broken foot is NOT out of the ordinary for an Arkansas football player

— The basketball team is NOT currently filling up all the seats in Bud Walton Arena

Plus, halftime entertainment, Max attends some NBA games, and the fellas talk about Vanilla Ice.


(Released 1.18.17)


171 Hobnobbin’

Well it’s 2017, and Jacob, Ty and Max are back to kick off another year of Delay of Game tomfoolery.

Topics covered on today’s program include:

— The whereabouts of Ricky Carney

— Robb Smith to Wake Forest? Robb Smith to Minnesota? Robb Smith to Arkansas?

— Staind

— The basketball team suffers a disappointing loss.

Plus: 1994 SEC Coaches: Where Are They Now? (game edition)

Hit us up, help us out, take us home!


(Released 1.11.17)


Best of 2016 Pt. 2

2016 is officially over, so join Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky as they look back at the best Delay of Game moments of the year. In this episode, the fellas unveil moments five through one.


(Released 1.4.17)