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1:11 Woefully Rickless

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Jacob, Ty, and Max are Rickless once again, and they have a lot of stuff to talk about. Most of it is a bummer which means they’re probably talking about the upcoming game... READ MORE

1:10 Spooky Season

Jac O’ Blantern, Die Splatson, Ax Boover, and Sticky Candy Carn talk Arkansas’ loss to Alabama and Arkansas’ eventual loss to Mississippi State this weekend. Plus: – Alabama Post Game Presser – A visitor... READ MORE

1:8 Bane Mane

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss Arkansas vs. Auburn. Plus: – 50 Ways to Get Your Gus Back – In Home Recruiting Visit Posted 10.17.19 READ MORE

1:7 Toasted Cheddar

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss Arkansas vs. Kentucky. Plus: – Pigville Radio – Club Dub: We Hardly Knew Ye – The Hog Podge with Mo Battingly Posted 10.10.19 READ MORE


Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss Arkansas vs. Texas A&M. Plus: – September – Auditions for Nick Starkel’s Celebrity T-Shirt – Chopped: SEC Coaches Edition Posted 9.26.19 READ MORE

1:5 I Hope You Dance

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss Arkansas vs. San Jose State Plus: – Chad Morris’ Colorado State postgame comments – Malfunctioning Microphones – Donger’s Restaurant Posted 9.18.19 READ MORE

1:4 Famous Brads

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss Arkansas vs. Colorado State. Plus: – Hey There Petrino – Halftime Motivation – Alcorn and Weber, Disappointment Attorneys Posted 9.12.19 READ MORE

1:1 Welcome to Fedvul

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In the series/season premiere, Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky take a look back at last year before discussing the season ahead for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Plus: – Delay of Game: Behind the Podcast – the Popeyes chicken sandwich – lemonade/iced … Continued

{TRAILER} Fedvul: Coming Aug. 22

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Delay of Game Presents: Fedvul COMING AUGUST 22 ON APPLE PODCASTS AND WHEREVER YOU GET AT PODCASTS! Follow WelcomeToFedvul on Twitter and Instagram for more information.

PSA: Show Update

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We’re still here! Jacob, Ty, Max, and Ricky get together to give an update on what we’ve been cooking up in the offseason. Stay tuned to our social media channels and your podcast feed for more content in the future! … Continued

293 DJ Jellybean

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Jacob, Ty, Max, and Ricky are all in house to talk about the thing that FINALLY happened. Arkansas Basketball has a new coach!! PLUS – Really Phoned in Breakdowns of the Spring Game – NCAA Tournament finals and who won … Continued

292 Jailvin Sanction

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Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky try to navigate the rough, foggy waters of the basketball coaching search. God help us. (Released 4.3.19)

291 End of an Era (Mike Anderson Fired)

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Arkansas dismisses Mike Anderson. Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky react and try to figure out what happens next. (Released 3.26.19)

290 Hot Takes from Ricky

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Ty and Ricky are on the show today to probably wrap up the basketball season right? Surely they’ll lose to the Friars tonight. (They didn’t) PLUS – Gafford’s decision, is he any good? – Rhode Island – Bracketology AND Don’t … Continued


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THERE’S SCUTTLEBUTT AFOOT! Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky meet in emergency session to discuss the latest rumors surrounding Mike Anderson. (Released 3.17.18)

288 Apple Jacks Milk

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Ty and Ricky get to talk about some basketball wins! Finally. After 8 years. PLUS – Ricky teaches us how to get rich quick! – All SEC teams featuring a certain razorback big man Also don’t miss Ty and Ricky’s … Continued

287 Nicky Sparkles (March Madness Selection Special)

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Jacob, Ty, Max, and Ricky are here to talk about food. A lot of food. Did you really expect anything less? PLUS – Another QB Transfer! WHO IS QB1? – Arkansas won a basketball game? Finally. After 8 years – … Continued