How can I listen to Delay of Game?

Simply put, podcasting allows you to receive prerecorded audio programs on your mobile device, computer, or MP3 player automatically. You decide which programs you’d like to get—they range from amateur audioblogs to professional radio programs—and then “subscribe” (for free) to those feeds. Your podcasting software will check periodically for any new audio files that become available and download those files to your device. You can then carry hours of Delay of Game programming in your pocket to help you through your commute, your work-out, your errands, or your downtime.Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Choose Your Podcasting Software
If you already use Apple’s free iTunes software (for Windows or Mac, Version 4.9 or later), just look for the podcasts section of the iTunes Music Store.

You can also download and/or stream podcasts directly to your mobile device without having to sync it with a computer. These apps generally allow you to choose shows from a directory or import your own shows using RSS feeds. iPhone podcasting apps include Downcast, Podcaster, AudioPress, and Stitcher (which also makes Android and BlackBerry versions  and allows you to stream audio files over a standard cellphone connection).

For Android phones, many people use Google Listen and BeyondPod. And BlackBerry has its own podcasting app, as well as many third-party choices.

You can also use the RSS feed to have the latest episodes sent directly to your favorite RSS reader or other RSS-compatible software.

Step 2: Subscribe
Again, if you’re using iTunes, you can simply click “Subscribe.” You can also manually paste a podcast feed’s URL—also called the RSS or XML feed—into most programs (in iTunes, just open the “Subscribe to Podcast” section of the “Advanced” menu). Here’s Delay of Game‘s podcast feed:

That’s all folks. It’s that easy.