DOG 134 Dew ya have it?

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Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky reconvene to bring you yet another half-assed SEC preview. This week’s contestant is the Kentucky Wildcats. Buckle up friend, because that’s probably the most sports-related thing we discuss this week.

The rest of the garbage that spews from our Hamburger Helper holes includes:

— Apache Chief, underutilized member of the Superfriends, ABSOLUTELY deserves a place on the DC Basketball squad from last week’s show

— Being an famous athlete for a day, but doing nothing sports related

— Max recants a funny Larry Bird story which takes place at the home of the father of our nation

— Ricky speaks far too loosely of something “commonly” referred to as “Small Mart”

— D-D-Do you have it? Yes, provided that “it” is several discontinued flavor variants of a mediocre soft drink


(Released 6.16.16)

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