DOG 123 Brackets for Days

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It’s 3/16, so Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky are celebrating with some heavyweight bracket talk! With a dash of madness! Topics covered today include:

— Jacob is turning from a 29 year old man to a 30 year old man.

— NCAA Tournament viewing strategies. How to get around that pesky “job” of yours.

— Grading the Hog basketball season using the traditional A-F scale.




— Another website is using a bracket (BRACKETS!) to determine the most annoying person in sports media. The guys discuss that bracket.

— The Cabot Panthers, the one true basketball power in Arkansas, ascend to their rightful place in history. BOW! BOW TO YOUR NEW KINGS!

If you are reading this prior to noon on Thursday, March 17th, get your butt over to the link below and sign up for the Delay of Game Bracket Challenge!

Click here to sign up and concede your grueling defeat.

(Released 3.16.16)


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