257 Ketchayonaise

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If you were driving in the middle of nowhere Missouri on Tuesday and saw a man talking to himself in his car – you might’ve just seen the recording of the BEST RAZORBACK PODCAST IN THE WORLD! Ty, Max, and Ricky call Jacob in the car to discuss what on earth is happening in the world of Arkansas football. (Insert picture of dumpster fire or babies crying here)

But we’re not here to just mope – we preview the upcoming game against Auburn!

– ANOTHER SURPRISE GUEST?!?! iWonder who it could be??
– 15 minutes couldn’t contain all the Hawght Cakes from Saturday
– A preview of 2019’s Football Schedule *Spoiler* It’s not great

And of course another installment of everyone’s favorite weekly game show “We Don’t Know S***”. Will someone break the streak this week? Tune in to find out!

(Released 09.19.18)

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