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DOG 139 Heckle-Type Activity

Jacob, Ty and Ricky venture forth with the half assed SEC previews, this week giving Texas A&M a proper gigging. In addition, the following occurs:

— Ty and Ricky won’t shut up about that one phone game that’s sweeping the nation.

— Ricky gives Texas A&M their due in regards to stadium participation

— Ty poo-poos all over Texas A&M… but not as hard as Ricky.

— Jacob eats a breadstick on mic.

(Released 7.20.16)


Overtime – Pokémedia Days

Jacob, Ty and Ricky talk the happenings at SEC Media Days as well as…sigh…Pokémon Go.


(Released 7.13.16)


DOG 138 Sucks

Jacob, Ty and Ricky are back this week with a double dose of half-assed football previews. Wait a second, would two half-assed previews make a single, normal preview?

Maybe on another show.


(Released 7.13.16)


Overtime – RIP Michigan vs. Arkansas

In a special Breaking News edition of Overtime, Jacob and Ty discuss the University of Michigan backing out of their deal with Arkansas in order to play Notre Dame in 2018 and 2019.


(Released 7.7.16)


DOG 137 Durant Ruins the Fourth of July

With Max on assignment, Jacob, Ty and Ricky trudge on into the underbelly of the SEC. The Vanderbilt Commodores are in for yet another rough season. How rough? Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out.

Here’s the other junk the guys muck around in this week:

— Kevin Durant, the most noble citizen in Oklahoma, turns heel and joins the Warriors

— Ricky defends himself for his In-N-Out order

— Fireworks


(Released 7.6.16)


DOG 136 Sousa’d

Ricky’s on assignment in Austin, but that doesn’t make Jacob, Ty and Max go any easier on him. Don’t worry, though, the episode isn’t just about Ricky. Hell, it’s 4th of July this weekend! Other topics covered include:

— Ricky visits In-N-Out and the guys make fun of it (That’s the last Ricky thing…scout’s honor)

— John Pelphrey to Alabama…as an assistant

— Fireworks

— Coke vs. Pepsi

— Dr. Pepper vs. Mr. Pibb

— Max vs. Ty


(Released 6.29.16)


DOG 135 Las Vegas Craps

Jacob and Ty are going old school this week. They actually touch on a surprising amount of topics, all things considered. Today’s topics include:

— The NBA Finals, we hardly knew ye

— Philadelphia 76ers taking a flyer on a player made entirely of glass

— OJ Simpson and the sports documentary

— Bret Bielema (buffet) crime scene footage

— The United States is taken to the woodshed by the best soccer player there is

— Waaaaaaaay too much WWE Draft talk

— The Razorback Stadium expansion

— Possible names for the NHL’s Vegas team

— #tealizard


(Released 6.22.16)


DOG 134 Dew ya have it?

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky reconvene to bring you yet another half-assed SEC preview. This week’s contestant is the Kentucky Wildcats. Buckle up friend, because that’s probably the most sports-related thing we discuss this week.

The rest of the garbage that spews from our Hamburger Helper holes includes:

— Apache Chief, underutilized member of the Superfriends, ABSOLUTELY deserves a place on the DC Basketball squad from last week’s show

— Being an famous athlete for a day, but doing nothing sports related

— Max recants a funny Larry Bird story which takes place at the home of the father of our nation

— Ricky speaks far too loosely of something “commonly” referred to as “Small Mart”

— D-D-Do you have it? Yes, provided that “it” is several discontinued flavor variants of a mediocre soft drink


(Released 6.16.16)


DOG 133 Bosom Buddies

Ty and Max come at you this week for a special all-mailbag episode. Two awesome listeners sent in topics for the hosts to discuss, and discuss they did!

Topics covered on the program include:

— Garth Brooks, the only musician immune to YouTube and all major streaming services

— The childhood home of Kris Allen

— Back to Front vs. Front to Back

— SEC coaches as dinosaurs

— Comic book basketball squads are ASSEMBLED (get it?)


(Released 6.9.16)


DOG 132 The Email Era Begins

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky are “breaking down” an SEC team each week leading up to the start of the season. This week is no different. The Missouri Tigers are today’s main course. However, side dishes include…

— Etiquette regarding taking home food that you brought to a cookout

— Potluck freeloaders

— The enduring magic of Mondo

— A brief discussion between Max and Ty on whether or not the new Ghostbusters movie will be any good.

— OUR FIRST. EMAIL. EVER. (keep em’ comin’)

— Trough urinals vs. standard urinals


(Released 6.1.16)