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234 More Right Than Fingers

Jacob, Ty, and Ricky bring the #fattest32 tournament to a close. Whose cuisine reigned supreme? Find out in this episode!

– Ty meets Jeff Goldblum
– It’s Jeopardy with Ricky Carney
– Some softball talk?
– Hog transfers to who knows where
– Comparisons of ex-hog rap songs

And so, so much more! Listen now!

(Released 04.18.18)



If you haven’t listened to our last episode DO THAT FIRST!

But without further ado – the CHOMPionship. Polls close 04/17/18 at 5pm CT! Tell your friends!


233 Freakin’ Ridiculous

Max, Ricky, and Ty dive headfirst into the Flatulent Four as we continue on our journey to find the winner of #fattest32!

Also in this ep:
– Board Game Talk
– Football in the COLD!
– QB’s and Baseball
– Ricky names all of the Drafts

And much much more!

The polls are now live for the CHOMPionship Round of #fattest32 – so make your voice heard! Who’s in the game? Why you’ll just need to listen to find out. Polls close 04/17/18 at 5pm CT.

(Released 04.11.18)


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232 Delay of Birth

#fattest32 continues with the results from the Eatin’ 8! You don’t want to miss who makes the Flatulent Four in the best bracket challenge in the land. It’s still march right? No?

Also in this episode:

– The boys discuss Arkansas basketball transfers

– War memorial discussion part 75

– Dr. Jacob gives us an important update

Plus so much more! Get Some!

(Released 4.4.18)


231 A Bag of Sandwiches

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky discuss Daniel Gafford’s return to the Hogs next season.

Additional topics covered include:

— It’s Ricky’s birthday. What’s he got goin’ on tonight? (Spoiler: it involves Arby’s)

— Jacob associates some of his warmest memories with consuming a bag of fast food.

— Some pretty recent Razorbacks are added to the Arkansas squad of an upcoming tournament.

— An NFL veteran gives weight gain advice to all of us that have fallen off our New Year’s resolutions.

Plus, it’s the Sweet and Savory 16 in the #fattest32 tournament! Follow the popup to vote in the Eatin’ Eight!

(Released 3.28.18)


230 Peesees

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky put a bow on the basketball season, and the Sweet and Savory 16 are set in the #Fattest 32 fast food tournament.

Additional topics covered include:

— Candy bars

— The Reese’s family of products

— Max is probably dead right now due to snow.

Oh yeah and baseball for a second.

(Released 3.22.18)


229 HAWGHT CAKES – Arkansas Falls to Butler

Sadness. Pain. Anguish.

I’m going to bed.

(Released 3.16.18)


#Fattest32 Round 1 Polls

Cast your vote for the best Fast Food Restaurant in Delay of Game’s #Fattest32 March Madness Challenge!

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228 #Fattest32 Selection Special!

It’s that time of year again – time for the madness to begin! The boys unveil their 2018 bracket and of course it’s food related.

Buckle in to hear the rules of this year’s tournament, and listen in on the selection committee as they seed the bracket with surgical precision.


– Ricky is fooled by the internet yet again
– Lots of places give the hosts stomach issues
– Food, Food, Food, Food
– And so so much more!

The tournament is now live! Be sure to make your selections in our poll and make your stomach heard! Polls close at 5:00 PM CT on Tuesday 03/20.

(Released 3.14.17)