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282 John Stossel is here?!

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky talk about the most recent Razorback loss and the potential losses to come.

Other topics covered include:

— Some (sad) fast food news!

— Max and the New York Knicks

— The Super Bowl

— Bol Bol

Plus more!

(Released 1.23.19)


281 Year 8

Ty, Max and Ricky get into the weeds talking about Arkansas’s troubling week of basketball. It’s a young team! Back off!

– Arkansas trots another Mustang into the stable. This one throws footballs.
– Old Razorback coaches, where are they now? (Miami apparently)
– Daryl Macon getting his shot

And don’t miss our special guest calling in from the WILD WEST to sell us some shoes?


(Released 01.17.19)


280 Pretty Major

Jacob, Ty and Ricky talk Bama getting their brains beat in, as well as Arkansas’ win on the road in College Station.

Additional topics covered include:

— Two Razorbacks headed to the NFL

— Darren McFadden in the College Football Hall of Fame

— Power naps

— Tetris

— Michael Jackson’s monkey

— Fastball, Imagine Dragons, Saliva (big music episode)

Plus everyone’s favorite trivia game returns to surprise everyone even though we do it every week.

(Released 1.9.19)


279 Two Soda Refills

Jacob, Ty and Max gear up for the start of SEC basketball by assigning each other their favorite Arkansas basketball players.

Other topics covered include:

— NBA halftime shows

— Choose your own adventure

— Times Square on New Year’s Eve

Slam dunks!

(Released 1.5.19)


278 The Traditional Man: A Delay of Game Christmas Music Draft

Who is the best Christmas DJ? Listen for the draft, see below for the results, vote on Twitter for a winner!

Check out the Spotify playlists below, and vote at

DJ Jacob:
DJ Ty:
DJ Max:
DJ Ricky:

(Released 12.21.18)


277 Christmas Reunion

Big cows, Arbynators, and Jeff Long eating ketchup with a fork.

Our Christmas feast is bountiful. Grab a plate!

(Released 12.19.18)


276 Meggings

It’s beginning to look like Christmas in Delay of Game Studios, so Ty and Ricky don their best apparel for the season in a rare 2 host treat!

Topics Include
– The highs and lows of basketball season
– Walmart’s Christmas wear selection
– Are men’s leggings a thing and WHY NOT

Plus much more! Keep a keen ear to hear the sweet jingling of Christmas bells! What other Razorback show gives you THAT???

(Released 12.12.18)


275 Feed 2 Birds With 1 Scone

Ty, Max, and Ricky are live on the scene covering the Kelly Bryant decision! Where will he spend his final year of eligibility? Don’t read the news, tune in to find out what happens LIVE!

– Happy Birthday Chad Morris
– Basketball seems ok
– a lot of awkward small talk waiting for a tweet. 2018 everybody.
and so much more!

Make the decision to listen!

(Released 12.05.2018)


274 Takes Like Cakes

It’s finally over.

Ty, Max, and Ricky give some post game analysis on Thanksgiving and the final football game of the season.

– A season to remember, that we all predicted
– We take another action-packed ride on the Coaching Carousel
– Ricky vs. The Internet part VIII

And a whole lot more. Get some.

(Released 11.28.18)


273 Fall Harvest (Missouri Preview)

Prepare for the Fall Harvest as Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky celebrate the football season’s merciful end.

Additional topics covered include:

— Thanksgiving (der)

— Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows

— Scent of a Woman

— Sister Schubert

Plus Dorial Green Beckham drops by to tell us how decisively Missouri will crush Arkansas!

(Released 11.21.18)