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241 Ricky’s Delay of Game

Welcome back to your favorite bite sized summer treat!

It’s Ricky’s turn on the mic and he actually has some Arkansas sports to talk about!

Hear his opinion on:
– College World Series Format
– The US Open
– Kittens

Plus maybe some surprises? Better listen to find out!

(Released 06.20.18)


240 Ty’s Delay of Game

We’re back with another solo episode – this time it’s Ty our resident nerd!

In this episode Ty gives us some pretty detailed baseball analysis

Also Ty’s most anticipated video games coming out of E3

Bored yet?

(Released 06.14.18)


239 Max’s Delay of Game

We’re back!

Well at least one of us is.

Everyone’s busy so Max takes us on an adventure in our new summer time podcast format! You won’t wanna miss it!

(Released 06.06.18)


238 pNERD

Jacob is back from Texas and he is on the war path! He missed last week’s show and Ty Watson and Ricky Carney have to hear about it. What a jerk Jacob is.

Additional topics include:

— Jacob’s visit to College Station

— Tim Allen impressions: How are they not better?

— The Bobby Portis Basketball Camp(s)

— Michael Jordan’s upcoming documentary

— Tiger Woods for some reason

— Ricky is a bad person


(Released 5.16.18)


237 Strokin’ One String at a Time

Max, Ricky, and Ty have hit the offseason wall, but there’s still a little baseball to talk about (And the hogs are actually pretty good)

– Guitars and how to attract women
– Ricky’s new caaaarrr!!
– PSA about Fire Alarms
– Would You Rather? Ex-Hog coach edition

And a little more!

If you have any questions or topics for the boys to discuss, hit us up on twitter (@delayofgameshow) or email us ( We might just talk about them on air!

(Released 5.8.18)


236 Buccaneer Burger

Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky talk the NFL draft.


— HeydidyouguysseeAvengers?

— The guys talk about the first time each of them first saw The Dark Knight because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— Bad central Arkansas movie theaters of yesteryear

— Garage sales

With a special appearance by the New York J***.

(Released 5.2.18)


235 Meat of the Week

Darius Hall and CJ Jones have destinations, so Jacob, Ty, Max and Ricky are here to talk your purty little ears off about it.


— The guys take a crack at limericks

— Max visits a deli in Pittsburg

— Baseball Beef

— Ricky’s new segment

— The guys talk an upcoming video game. WAIT, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!

(Released 4.25.18)


234 More Right Than Fingers

Jacob, Ty, and Ricky bring the #fattest32 tournament to a close. Whose cuisine reigned supreme? Find out in this episode!

– Ty meets Jeff Goldblum
– It’s Jeopardy with Ricky Carney
– Some softball talk?
– Hog transfers to who knows where
– Comparisons of ex-hog rap songs

And so, so much more! Listen now!

(Released 04.18.18)



If you haven’t listened to our last episode DO THAT FIRST!

But without further ado – the CHOMPionship. Polls close 04/17/18 at 5pm CT! Tell your friends!


233 Freakin’ Ridiculous

Max, Ricky, and Ty dive headfirst into the Flatulent Four as we continue on our journey to find the winner of #fattest32!

Also in this ep:
– Board Game Talk
– Football in the COLD!
– QB’s and Baseball
– Ricky names all of the Drafts

And much much more!

The polls are now live for the CHOMPionship Round of #fattest32 – so make your voice heard! Who’s in the game? Why you’ll just need to listen to find out. Polls close 04/17/18 at 5pm CT.

(Released 04.11.18)